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Thunderclan camp....forever intill my death
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About Me

Cinderstar- im a silver she-cat dark icey blue eyes.  i dont need a mate!!!! i am a Thunderclan warrior!!!!!  i am caring,helpful,clever,smart and loving to my mate,Thunderstar.... One days would LOVE to be dupty and I repect silverstar and the next dupty if I'm not the next dupty...i repect my clan and the warrior code.... i have a sisters named  moonfloer and icebreath...moonlight has a mate and icebreath has a mate.(soon icebreath may get kits!)

name: Cinderstar

job: leader

clan: Windclan

app: sandpaw

Mate:  Thunderstar!!!! YES!!!!!

kits: blossomkit (girl, furture names blossompaw and blossomheart),icekit (girl, furture names icepaw and icepelt),moonkit (boy,furture names moonpaw moonbelly)

niece(s) and nephew(s): (moonlights kits) racconpaw,limekit (icebreaths kits) whitekit,willowkit.,thornkit and rainkit

toms that love me: thunderstar

crush: thunderstar

mother: dovetail

father: Tigerheart

sisters or brothers: Moonlight,rainstar,firesong and crowtalon (all 5 of us can kill you like a mouse!!!)

older sister(s) or brother(s):Hawkclaw and Lilyflower

half sister(s) or brother(s): mousetail

Blossomkit-blossomkit is a red-orange she-cat with dark blue eyes,like me,she was the first born and when she was born her fur looked like a blossom....the only reason that her fur is red-orange is because she was staned by my blood at birth forever...

Icekit-icekit is a silver she-cat with black- green eyes,like her father,she was second born and the cold silver pelt on her looked like ice and felt like ice.....when she was born she was almost cold as white ice....

Moonkit-moonkit is a white tom with a silver under belly and has one green eye one blue a mix of me and whitefire...he was third born.... he pelt was so pretty in the moon light i thought of my that how whitefire got hes name...

and these r my kits and me....i im very proud of them because they are my first real litter and are already warriors to me....THATS ME!!!

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