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IN YUGIOH AND JOINED BAKURA AND MARIKS GANG!! p.s im Ryou Bakura >:3 They don`t supect a thing
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Name:Moonstar/Mooncomet/Moonpaw/Moonkit(Thunderclan)  ,Sliverstream, sliverpaw,Sliverkit(Riverclan)  , Nightplet, Nightpaw,Nightkit(Windclan)  ,Tigerflare, Tigerpaw, Tigerkit (Skyclan) ,Tidesplash, tidepaw, tidekit ( shadowclan).

Mate:lightingtail(died), none

Kits: Sliverfeather,Breezeeplet,Loinclaw, Tigerheart, Cinderclaw(died)

KIn:Whitestripe(mother), Crossheart (father), Appletail(sister), Slummbertail(litte brother), hollykit( new little sis!), Rainstar ( grandchild), Cinderstar(grandchild) Moonlight (grandchild), Moonflower ( nieice).

apperntice: Fallenpaw

Age: 23 moons, ( young adult cat)

Personallity : strong heart,kind, gives respect,listens, loyal,sometimes anger issues,clam, willing to procect the clan,only her mate will be the one she loves,she runs extermanly fast and chatches fish,squerrels,mice,frogs,voles,and rabbits very well,she is also a well fighter.she has respected the warrior code with her life.

 Crush: N/A

CAT : Gray she-cat ,light Blue Eyes,short -hair light gray overcoat with  dark black undercoat,muscluar hind and front legs,reagular ears, one scratch from a badger on her left back leg, fuzzy tail.

Clan blood : Leaf,Rune,Moon,Sky,Thunder,Shadow,River,Wind,Aroura.

Gender: Female.

Role in clan:warrior

Clan: Riverclan/Thunderclan

 Sliverfeather: a very light gray plet (not white!), with dark green eyes and long overcoat,female she-cat,long-haired.

Breezeeplet: dark black over and under coat,with sky blue eyes,and short-haired.

Loinclaw:muscular, orange tabby cat with black stripesand yellowish gold eyes,short-haired male (tom).

Tigerheart: a very muscular, dark brown coat, and yellow eyes, with darker gray stripes on tail,male (tom).

Cinderclaw:gray she-cat, with yellow eyes,and very fuzzy plet and tail,(died).

Toms that like me: Shadowtail

when i was a kit it was a nightmare! my clanmates were fighting agasit each other! i have been givn power like starclan~s! i can see the future and can do what jayfeather was capabule of.

Name: Dawnflower




Kin: Slivermist (mother), Maplestar(father), Squerriltail (sister), Blueheart(brother).


Crush: N/A

Age:23 moons

Apperntice: N/A

Role in clan:warrior

Aperearice: Gray,with white chest and black flecks with light blue eyes,she-cat.

 Personality: kind,sweet, gentle, loving,procets her mate and her clan with her life, obeys the warrior code.


Gender: male

Mate: N/A

Apperntice: N/A

Role In Clan: Warrior

Age: 23 moons

Crush: Sliverstream


Kin: Sliverfang(mother), longcloud ( father),

Clan: Riverclan

Clan blood: Windclan, Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan

Appernice: black overcoat, with orange and red dots on back and top of head, shorthaired cat, male (tom).

Personality: flirty, kind, listens to warrior code and procects his clan and mate with his life, also adventureous.

 Name: Sliverwind

Gender: Female

Mate: Stromfire( stromfur)

Crush: Stromfire (stormfur)

Apperntice: N/A

Apeirince: grayish white cat with white belly and fluffy tail with light gray stripes, She-cat

Peronlity: Sweet, Kind, Smart, Fast, Respects Warrior Code,and would procect Mate and Clan with the cost of her life.

Clan: Windclan

Blood: Windclan.

kin: Whitefang (mother), Tigerfang (father)

Kits: N/A

Age: 25 moons

Role in Clan: Warrior


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Reply Iceheart
6:46 PM on July 20, 2012 
Reply Iceheart
6:45 PM on July 20, 2012 
okay, i tried to join your website, and it said i was "pending approval".
Reply Jayfeather19
11:07 AM on May 26, 2012 
there's always a warriors rp page on this site to rp on.
Reply Mystery Mania
2:51 AM on May 26, 2012 
Thanks, for accepting my friend request. Please join and support my site:
Reply Tidesplash
5:58 PM on May 21, 2012 
yes i can! ( I`m MAPLESTROM / MAPLESTAR)!
Reply nightkit & squirrelpelt
12:16 PM on May 11, 2012 
hey can u rp with maplestorm?
Reply nightkit & squirrelpelt
12:01 PM on May 11, 2012 
hey! welcome
Reply Iceheart
10:21 AM on May 11, 2012 
hi! welcome to bluestar! lol
Reply Tidesplash
7:45 AM on May 11, 2012 
as long as you join mi site!
bring "cats" to mi too!
Reply Jayfeather19
10:45 PM on May 10, 2012 
Visit my new site!
form: bluestar the site owner B-)