2/3/2014 Books- Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall

i LOVE this book because the character is very interesting and you should really read it. in some ways i'd agree with you that it is kinda inappropriate. You can find this book at a library near you depending on where you live and so here is my book review:

 There's a girl and she watches herself die in doge ball. then she wakes up in the mall with bloodstained hair. She meets a boy with a nail stiking out of his head and he takes her to a locker room. There he gives her a bag of everything she's ever bought in the mall. TO BE CONTINUTED...

Here's some ?s you can answer during the book.


  1. what was the Girl's name?
  2. what was in the bag?
  3. what did the Nail boy claim the nail actually was?
  4. Did the boy really know here brother?
  5. Who Took the Whole pack of cigarettes?


2/3/2014 Youtube- Smosh

  Personally, i like Smosh because they are very funny and stupid (in a very awesome, epic, cool way). They are known for their food battles and friendship always wins high five were they jump and high five in mid air. You should check out their awesome and crazy site to watch their videos or even go on you tube and search: "Smosh". 


2/3/2014 Songs- Beautiful Pain

I couldn't find any pictures for this entry so i'll do my best to describe it. I like the song a lot and if you want the lryics then here: Beautiful Pain It's a very cool song ant you should listen to it! enjoy!